The Roma Site is a secluded, quiet, picturesque spot tucked away in an historic PEI location where you can wander the grounds and browse the signage explaining the  historical significance of the Jean Pierre Roma era (1732-1745) and the Macdonald era of the 1800s ... check out our collection of artifacts unearthed at the Site in the 1970s.
We serve an Heritage Lunch every day also Afternoon Tea.

Roma Bread
, our speciality is baked on Site and served with Lunch & Tea.
Phone: 902 838 3413
505 Roma Point Road
(off Rte 319, 8 km from Montague)
Town of Three Rivers


Jean Pierre Roma at Three Rivers is a member of Points East Costal Drive

OPEN ...   July 2 to September 21, 2024
10:00 am -- 4:00 pm

 located on the traditional and unceded territory of the PEI Mi'kmaq people who have lived here for over 12,000 years.

o        Travel back in time and talk with the "locals" about life in this 18th Century French Settlement.
o        Experience Quill Pen Writing
o        Learn about the Cod Fishery at Roma
o        Experience the art of Net Making
o        Learn to Play the Spoons or Penny Whistle
o        Enjoy Candle Making
o        Experience Toys & Games from the 1700s
o        Enjoy a Heritage Lunch or Afternoon Tea
o        Visit the Roma French-Style Heritage Garden
o        Walk the Heritage Trail

July 2 --September 21
closed on Monday
 HERITAGE MARKET  10 am to 2 pm ... JULY 6, 13, 20, 27
What to expect:
*        Unique Handcrafted Goods: Discover our vibrant market filled with handcrafted treasures showcasing the talents of our local artists.

*        Live Acadian/Scottish Music: Enjoy lively performances that highlight our shared heritage.
*        Delicious Local and Traditional Dishes: Enjoy homemadebread from Roma's outdoor oven and traditional dishes from our Heritage Kitchen.
*        Storytellers and Historical Reenactments: Watch history come alive with engaging stories and reenactments of early settlers' lives.

*        Traditional Skills Demonstrations: See skilled artisans demonstrate bushcraft, navigation, and cod fishing from the Roma era. 


           Explore the Cuisine, Stories, Songs, and Unique hospitality of Michael and Robert Pendergast
AMUSE BOUCHE or Roma's DINNER THEATER is an extraordinary event debuting this summer at  Roma .

Immerse yourself in a captivating journey back to the vibrant world of the 1730s, experiencing the rich cultural heritage of Prince Edward Island's early French settlers.

**        Authentic Cuisine: Taste the essence of PEI's heritage with the culinary creations of renowned Chef Robert Pendergast.

**        Enchanting Music: Be captivated by the folk songs and storytelling of Michael Pendergast, whose musical talents will transport you to the heart of the 1730s.

Event Dates:
        July 16 ... July 30 ... August 6 ... August 20

Join us for a unique evening that brings to life the rich French and Acadian legacies of PEI. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this captivating cultural experience is one you won't want to miss.

Tickets are  $75 each and can be purchased on line at: 

 Join us and step back in time for an unforgettable evening at AMUSE BOUCHE.




Honouring Women Experience: Tales of Resilience, Courage and Strength
Immerse yourself in the resilience and craftsmanship of early French women settlers with the Honouring the Women of Roma Experience. This extraordinary historical encounter transports you to the heart of Prince Edward Island's Acadian and Francophone culture, celebrating the legacy shaped by these remarkable women.
The Honouring Women Experience is a tribute to their strength, their survival, and their courage.  


Exciting News for Families and Kids of All Ages!
Dive into the 1700s and discover the fascinating world of cod fishing at the Chaloupe Interpretive Centre at Roma at Three Rivers!
What's Happening? Our new children's programs are packed with fun, hands-on activities that bring history to life. Perfect for kids aged 6-12, but engaging for the whole family!
Knit a Net - Learn the intricate art of net making just like young fishermen of the past! Nostalgic Navigation - Use a compass and map to find the hidden fishing grounds. Can you make it to the chaloupe?
Haul the Trawl - Experience the thrill of lifting a heavy catch onto the boat using teamwork and pulleys!
Knot the End - Master essential fishing knots and take home a knotted bracelet as a keepsake.
When? Join us this summer for daily sessions and special weekend workshops!
Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to step back in time and become part of the fishing crew. Follow us for updates and join us for an unforgettable journey into the past!
See you at the Chaloupe Interpretive Centre - where history and adventure await!


Step into the 18th century and explore the rich tapestry of our past at Abby's Garden, part of the Roma at Three Rivers National Historic Site. Discover the stories of courage, resilience, and ingenuity that shaped our heritage!
What's Happening?
Our immersive guided tour offers an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Perfect for families, history buffs, and garden lovers alike, Abby's Garden brings history to life through interactive and captivating activities!
Walk Through History - Stroll through the Heritage Garden inspired by the grand gardens of Versailles and learn about the French influence on colonial gardening.
Meet Abby - Hear the moving story of Abby, a representative of the enslaved women who tended these gardens, and gain a deeper understanding of their lives and contributions.
Foraging Walk - Join us on a foraging walk through Roma's Heritage Trails, where you'll discover the edible treasures that sustained the community.
Garden Challenges - Learn about the innovative gardening techniques used to overcome the harsh climate and poor soil conditions of Roma at Three Rivers.
Hands-On Activities - Participate in engaging activities such as herb planting and soil enhancement demonstrations that showcase the ingenuity of 18th-century gardeners.
Join us this summer for daily guided tours and special weekend workshops!
Don't miss out on this enlightening and unforgettable journey through Abby's Garden!
Follow us for updates and join us in celebrating the strength, resilience, and enduring legacy of the women who cultivated these lands.
See you at Abby's Garden - where history blossoms and stories of courage await!

Robert Pendergast
Michael Pendergast
ADMISSION: $6.00/Person  $18.00/ Family Rate
"        Quill Writing Workshop: Step into the shoes of the settlers as you learn the traditional art of quill penmanship. Craft your own piece of history with each stroke of ink, connecting with the past through every word you write.
"        Hearthside Bread Baking: Submerge your hands in the warmth of dough and bask in the aroma of hearth-baked bread, experiencing a culinary ritual passed down through generations.
"        Cod Flake Crafting: Learn about the preservation methods of cod, gaining insight into the meticulous preparation that bolstered settlers' survival during long winters.
"        Guided Wild Edibles Expeditions Embark on an educational foray into the surrounding woodlands, guided by experts in wild edibles. Experience firsthand the resourcefulness of the women settlers as you gather natural foods just as they did.
Come join us and celebrate with us as we honour the legacy of the brave and talented women of Roma.


Step Back in Time and Master the Art of Bushcraft in Roma!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the skills that sustained Roma's early French settlers in the 1700s? Experience the wilderness like never before by joining our hands-on bushcraft sessions!

Why Join Us?
    Master Fire-Making: Learn the ancient technique of starting a fire with flint and steel, just like our ancestors.
 Build Natural Shelters: Use your ingenuity to construct shelters from materials you find in nature.
Craft Your Own Cordage: Discover how to weave strong, durable cordage from plant fibers.
Foraging for Edible Food and Medicinal Plants:  Gain hands-on experience in foraging, 
 plant identification, and creative cooking techniques

Each of these activities is not just a skill to be learned but an adventure in itself,
 bringing you closer to history and nature. Our sessions are designed for everyone,
 from beginners to seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, providing a unique blend of
 education and excitement.

What You'll Experience:
 Hands-On Learning: Get involved directly, with expert guidance to ensure you learn effectively.
 Historical Connection: Feel the thrill of using techniques that have stood the test of time.
 Personal Growth: Develop new skills and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.
Don't miss this chance to embrace the wild, challenge yourself, and experience the satisfaction of mastering bushcraft skills.

Offered daily throughout the summer.

Join Lise Morin and Ginette Turgeon for an unforgettable journey into the world of wild edibles and fermentation. Discover how to transform nature's bounty into delicious and healthy culinary creations. Perfect for groups, wellness seekers, and anyone eager to learn!

o        Plant identification
o        Creative uses from vinegars to ice cream

Calling all health enthusiasts, nature lovers, foodies, and curious souls!

�� Whether you're a millennial looking to explore new culinary trends, a senior wanting to connect with nature, or a group of friends seeking a unique outing, this workshop series is for you!

Cost: $40.00
Tickets Available:  Eventbrite

Location: Roma's Unique Heritage Garden
Spots: Minimum 8 participants, maximum 15